Hormone replacement therapy

Why Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Controversial?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy, commonly abbreviated by members of the medical community as HRT, is a remedial procedure often employed by physicians to treat various illnesses affecting both men and women. However, the process’s use is questioned by some and has evolved into a controversial topic. The following short blog will briefly discuss what hormone therapy […]

Does too much estrogen cause weight gain

Why Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Cause Weight Gain?

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There’s no question whether or not hormone replacement therapy is beneficial for menopausal symptoms. However, there are other aspects of it that should be taken into account before you get started on a prescription. Sometimes, the weight gain truly occurs. Other times, you’ll only look as though you’ve gained a few pounds. Needless to say, […]

Hair loss

Why Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Cause Hair Loss?

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Supplements for your hormones can cause you to lose the precious strands of hair you have on your head. There are usually different reasons for this, though. Why does hormone replacement therapy cause hair loss? While this therapy may do wonders for your menopausal symptoms, it can disrupt other important processes of your body. As […]

best hormone replacement therapy

What is the Best Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, you have options. If you’re an older adult female going through menopause, you’re bound to experience some unpleasant changes in your body that a male could never understand. At this time, your hormone levels are all over the place. They’re consistently inconsistent, and they’re dropping at an increasingly […]

What Is Female Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What is Female Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Are several symptoms of menopause suddenly popping up on you, seemingly out of nowhere? Maybe it’s the first time you’re experiencing night sweats or pain during sex. You and your male partner have certainly noticed when the latter has happened. Needless to say, you wish everything would just go back to normal. You’ve had enough, […]

male hrt

What is Male Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy, commonly referred to as HRT, is a medical procedure often employed by health professionals to remediate illnesses impacting both the male and female population. The following brief article will answer several questions including what is male hormone replacement therapy, what conditions the therapeutic technique is used to alleviate, which type of hormones […]

hrt and mood swings

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Cause Mood Swings?

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Menopause: it is that time in a woman’s life that is both highly anticipated and dreaded. Occurring at around age fifty, menopause is a natural process where a female’s reproductive hormones decline, causing menstruation to stop (yay!). However, menopause can also cause some not-so-nice symptoms, such as: mood swings hot flashes weight gain chills thinning […]

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Cause Cancer

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Cause Cancer?

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Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment given to women experiencing menopause, as well as those who are transitioning form male to female or female to male. HRT specifically for menopause may also be referred to as menopausal hormone therapy (MHT), postmenopausal hormone therapy (PHT), or postmenopausal hormone (PMH). It is often used to treat symptoms […]