hrt and liver

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy cause liver problems? Maybe you’ve been considering it for a while, but you just can’t decide whether or not you want to go through with it. Maybe it’s worth the risk, and maybe it isn’t. The fact of the matter is HRT can negatively impact your liver, and it makes you more susceptible to developing some troublesome health problems later on down the road. When the liver can’t successfully break down the hormones that are brought into the body through this method, you can bet some alarming issues will arise in time. Regardless of whether or not you see any signs at the start of it, you should realize that your prescription is having a powerful effect on both you and your health.

Weight Gain

The liver needs a way to regularly release its toxins in a child or an adult. When the usual process is disrupted, however, nothing is done about them. As a result, they increase in their numbers and continue to pile up on one another. Unfortunately, this only serves to make the pre-existing problem worse. The liver is responsible for your metabolism that’s known to affect your weight in some way. Without its ability to regulate your weight, you’ll be more susceptible to weight gain.

Liver and weight gain problems


One symptom that typically accompanies liver disease is nausea. Since it’s not usually present in the early stages, however, the sudden onset of it may leave you, as a male or a female, entirely unprepared to deal with it. What this means is that the disease has been around for a while and has now reached a more advanced stage. Because you won’t be able to notice any of the symptoms of HRT affecting your liver at the time you start your medication, you’ll be left thinking they’re not really there, at all. When you do notice them, you’ll believe they came out of nowhere. The reality is you can develop serious liver problems and not even know about it, until it’s too late. For this reason, you may want to think twice about getting on Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Knowing whether or not you should stop it altogether can be difficult. It helps you in one way, while harming you in another. If you want to keep your liver healthy and in good working condition, however, your best bet is coming off of it once and for all.

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