Hair loss

Supplements for your hormones can cause you to lose the precious strands of hair you have on your head. There are usually different reasons for this, though. Why does hormone replacement therapy cause hair loss? While this therapy may do wonders for your menopausal symptoms, it can disrupt other important processes of your body. As a result, your hair begins to thin and hair loss occurs. There are a couple of ways that the therapy contributes to this. Here’s what you, as an adult female, can expect.

The Presence of Too Much Estrogen

You started hormone replacement therapy with the goal of obtaining a proper supply of estrogen. Sometimes, however, a prescription like this can equip your body with too much of the hormone. That’s when you’ll begin to notice these substantial changes taking place in your hair. Too much of a good thing can backfire, and this proves to be the case for the estrogen hormone. That being said, a male could never fully understand your struggle.

hormone repacement therapy heir loss

Coming off of Hormone Replacement Therapy too Quickly

Besides that, there’s another way hormone replacement therapy can cause you to lose your hair. When you’re ready to come off of your prescription, you should do it gradually. There’s a real risk to be taken into account if you fail to go about doing it in this way. If you stop it all at once when your body’s not expecting it, for instance, you can expect to start seeing less strands of hair on your head over time. Gradually decreasing the dose of your medication is the only way to stop hormone replacement therapy, without ending up with an unpleasant side effect like this one.

You want the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for menopause, but you’re concerned that it might cause you to lose your hair in the process. This is a legitimate concern for you to have and carry in your heart. Thankfully, you can know whether or not you have an excessive supply of estrogen. Once you start HRT, you should pay close attention to any new symptoms that develop seemingly out of the blue. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t come off of hormone replacement therapy too quickly. By taking these steps, you’ll be doing what you can to keep your lovely hair in place for longer.

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